What is a Stroller Strides class REALLY Like?

Have you ever wondered “What a Stroller Strides class is REALLY like?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we get this question all of the time! Jessica Gallione, a current member, and mom of 2, has graciously volunteered to answer this for you - from a mama perspective.


Hi, I’m Jessica, Mom to a 4 year old and 1 year old. I know that I new things can be intimidating for some moms and it can be comforting to know what to expect, so here is some basic information. I look forward to meeting you in a class soon!

The typical format for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes is:

    • Meet and warm up
      • March in place while we introduce ourselves and our child/ren, share the age of our child/ren and then answer a question of the day. Sometimes they are real brain stumpers like “What is your favorite food that begins with an E?”
      • Move to first station
      • Walk/run
      • Second station
      • Walk/run
      • Etc…
      • Until cool down exercises and class is over

Walk/Run/Stations - Don’t be intimidated here’s what this means:

  • The length of the walk/run varies depending on the location. The number of stations varies depending on the instructor’s plan for the day.
  • Stations – The place where we do a set of exercises. Some stations are all abs, sometimes it’s arm movements with the bands, sometimes it lunges and squats, we’ve also had yoga stations, stairs and a sequence called crazy tens.
  • There are often kids songs sung to entertain the little ones. My daughter finds the whole thing entertaining. The instructors are good at moving along if the kids get restless.

Equipment - Don't worry, you won't need to bring anything crazy!

  • Strollers – for your child and we use them for balance sometimes.
  • Mat/towel/blanket – I have an old yoga mat that I bring. But a picnic blanket is popular and oh so convenient for sitting in the grass at the park after class. I have forgotten my mat many times and that’s fine too. I’ve shared with other moms, done a standing variation or just sat on the grass if it’s not too wet.
  • Bands – we use these for resistance. The instructors have these for you to use. If you become a member you get your very own bands in your new member kit or you can still use the ones the instructors bring if you forget yours, like I do all the time.
  • Landscaping – we use the benches, picnic tables, curbs, stairs and whatever other feature might be useful for our exercise.

So now you may be wondering “Is this class going to be too hard for me?” Or maybe you’re an athlete and worried “I don’t think this will be challenging enough”

  • The exercise level is what you want it to be. Some days I’m feeling motivated or energetic and I run and really push myself with the exercises. Other days I’m tired or worn out and I’m just proud of myself for getting out of the house and getting fresh air. On my slower days I usually walk and do the modified exercises that the instructors present.
  • There are ladies of varying fitness levels and varying time post - partum. Do what feels right for your body.
  • Everyone is welcome. There are new moms who come and try out stroller strides all the time. Sometimes there is a grandma or other caregiver.
  • There are moms who come once a week or only on holidays and there are definitely regular stroller stride moms. It’s a mix.

Wondering what else you should know….

  • The instructors are really great at including new exercises and creating new combinations. I don’t mind repetition in my exercise class, but I don’t want it to be predictable. The exercises rotate too, so if there are things you like it’ll pop up again.
  • While walking/running between stations you get a chance to connect with other moms and chat. You can meet new moms, catch up with your friends, enjoy the scenery, plan what is for dinner, or space out. I’ve done all of these at one time or another.
  • After class some moms leave right away. There are moms with babies who sit together and nurse/feed the kiddos and moms with movers and shakers who head to the playground.
  • Some days there is an organized play date. Our favorite play times have been: Stroller Strides® for kid’s class, freeze dancing, and making noodle necklaces.

I hope this give you a glimpse of what a class is like - come and give it a try, we’re always happy to have new moms and kids in Our Village!