Flying & “Vacationing” with Your Babies and Toddlers

Vacations are very different once you have a baby. Traveling with your baby takes planning..... and stuff!

To be honest, traveling in the first 2 years, even though it may seem appealing since flights are free, is a ton of work. Especially, if you plan on going with only you, partner, and baby. Many people with children will tell you that taking a trip with a child under 2 is just a change of scenery, unless you bring grandma along or some other form of childcare.

Travel Tips

  • Baby rental equipment is available in most places! Portable cribs and high chairs are good things to rent upon arrival and makes for a lot less stuff to carry
  • Wear your baby in a carrier. This will keep your hands free and baby happy
  • Use the carts in airports. This helps keep your cool and your hands free
  • Car seats and stroller check. Most airlines will let you check you car seat and stroller for free! (I recommend purchasing car seat and stroller travel bags. They help keep your stuff clean when stored with the airlines. Very easy to purchase through amazon.) If you have a snap in stroller/car seat you are allowed to check both at the gate
  • Extra Seat on the plane?! If possible, get your child a seat. Sometimes there are extra seats upon check in, but it’s rare and worth it to purchase the seat and bring your car seat on board. This will make you and baby more comfortable.
  • Bring grandma or arrange for childcare! You and your partner are hopefully taking this vacation to get some rest and relaxation. This will be more likely with childcare. Don’t feel guilty about arranging this or taking someone along that wants to help. You deserve it. Many resorts and major travel destinations offer childcare.
  • Stay at an all inclusive resort or spot that has a kitchen and all your needs within walking distance.
  • Rooms for everyone. If baby normally sleeps in a separate room, be sure to get a place that has enough rooms for everyone.

ADVICE FROM A TRAVELING MOM: “I tried staying in one large house with my siblings and parents and felt it would have been easier and less stressful for me if my husband, baby, and I had stayed in our own place.”

Here are a couple links to help you get organized:

Parenting.com Mama and Baby packing list

Babycenter.com Simple packing checklist

One thing to keep in mind, the older your kid gets, the less stuff you’ll need to pack. Vacations will start to feel more like vacations again. Save travels!