Body Back Testimonials

Body Back Testimonials

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Body Back Testimonial »

Lauren C.

I knew the workouts were going to be tough and I have gotten so much stronger! The most surprising part of the journey is how my relationship with food has changed. I am cooking healthy meals that my toddler and hubby enjoy. Eating well and exercising with my mama group has made me one healthy happy mama. I am so glad I did this program for myself.

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A great experience »

Krystal B.

This was such a great experience and I am so thankful for this program. I was able to start eating better and mostly stick to it. Meal suggestions made grocery shopping and cooking so easy. The workouts are so attainable I know I will be able to stick with it - my results have been amazing!!!

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Highly recommend this program!! »

Ali A.

This is an amazing way to work towards your goals of strength and weight loss. Ali is a remarkable coach/trainer! As a group of women you get to take a leap into being more mindful of what you eat, drink and how you train together! It has been a special journey to take with other like minded mommas! I can now fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Highly recommend this program!!

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Impressed with myself »


I am so surprised and impressed by my results - I have never considered myself a runner, and am still amazed by how much the strength training has helped my running time!


What a change »

A Mama

I was afraid to start Body Back - not sure that I could do the workout. I have done programs & diets before and had successes, but it has not lasted. The first workouts were really tough, but I was proud that I could get through them. I felt stronger and more fit as the program went on. My energy was better and my outlook generally more positive too. The meal planning was a great help - it’s amazing how that helped to keep me on track. The community of supportive mamas was invaluable and the class support from Jessica really helped to motivate me