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OWNER; Fit4Mom Santa Cruz
Instructor: Stroller Strides, Stroller Bare, Body Back, Fit4Baby

Welcome to Fit4Mom Santa Cruz!

Hi, I'm Jessica, mom to Leila who was born in November, 2012! I am a Santa Cruz native who spent many years away for college and work. I loving relearning the area I grew up in and experiencing all the wonderful kid and family friendly activities. Before becoming a full time mom I worked as a school counselor. I have always loved working with others to achieve their goals, and have a love of all things outdoors and fitness related, so becoming part of the FIT4MOM Family seem to be a natural fit.

The FIT4MOM Programs have not only helped me get back in physical strength after the birth of my daughter, but provided me with a phenomenal community of women and children who have become my closest friends. Our workouts can be as challenging as you need them to be; there's always another mama in the group who's there to push you on days your competitive nature comes out, and those who are ready to walk and talk when you need someone to share your kid stories with.

I encourage all moms to come out and give our group a try - our classes are about so much more than "sets and reps" this is a workout, a community, a village, and we're waiting for you to join us!!!

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Instructor: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Running Club

Hi I'm Liz, mom to Delilah! I am originally from western New York and moved to Santa Cruz in 2011 to be with my husband who moved here for work. Love the beach lifestyle and how easy it is to enjoy the outdoors!

I grew up sailing on Lake Ontario and started teaching when I was 16, I coached kids and adults for 14 years before I moved out west. Living in Santa Cruz gave me the opportunity to discover yoga and I started training to be a yoga instructor during my pregnancy and finished a couple months after giving birth.

I discovered stroller strides when Delilah was a few weeks old and we were at the park with our dog. I saw this whole group of moms, babies and strollers and was like "I need that!!" We started when she was 6 weeks old and it has become a part of our daily routine! Just love all the moms and kids we have met and I am so looking forward to meeting many more!

Instructor: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Running Club

Hi I’m Polly, mom to Cadence (born June 2014) & Bevan (born Sept 2016)! My husband and I met on the triathlon team at Cal Poly, SLO. We moved to Aptos in 2007 and have continued to swim, bike, run and race for fun.

I joined Stroller Strides when Cadence was 3 months old and have been in love with it ever since. I really enjoy being able to get my workout in, keep her entertained and allow her to play with other kids after. I was incredibly excited when offered the opportunity to teach and bring fitness into the lives of moms and welcome them into such a fun and inviting community. I hope to meet up with you and your little one at the next workout.


Instructor: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby


Instructor: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby

Hi! I'm Angie, mom of two boys, Emerson (2 years) and Landon (5 months). I am honored to be a part of the Fit4Mom team as a Stroller Strides instructor! Before deciding to be a full time mom, I worked as a teacher in primary grade classrooms. I absolutely love working with young children, which is one reason why Fit4Mom is such a perfect fit for me!

My Fit4Mom journey started in 2015 just a few months after my oldest was born. I found that not only were the classes a great way for me to just get out of the house, but I also got in a great workout while connecting with other strong mamas. Through the Stroller Strides and Body Back classes, I regained my strength and renewed my love for exercise. And now, I've joined the Running Club to help me reach some new goals I've set for myself!

My favorite thing about Fit4Mom has to be that my boys get to see me (and all the moms in our village) making fitness a priority and having fun while exercising. When I see Emerson grab my resistance bands and his doll stroller and take on the role of a tiny Stroller Strides instructor, I am elated. He is watching and learning, everyday! These classes are not only beneficial to my own mental and physical wellness, but are shaping his knowledge of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.


Membership Manager

Aloha! I'm Gwen, mom of 3 boys (Tanner, age 11; Chase, age 8; Maverick, age 4). This truly defines me!

Before becoming a full time mom, I worked in magazine publishing...including Glamour. Although I'm not so glamorous anymore, I love myself even more. I have a passion for non-profits and fundraising, and supporting my childrens' schools and our community now.

The FIT4MOM Programs have been a huge part of my motherhood and my growth personally. I did Stroller Strides in Hawaii after having my second son. I thought I'd meet friends, walk, and drink coffee. I ended up training for a marathon with my little guy in a stroller (and I hated running!). I moved to Santa Cruz in 2011 and after having my third son, I sought out this program again. Even more so with this FIT4MOM group, I found my strength, my confidence, and my community. I have progressed to Body Back now that I don't have kids in a stroller and continue to love all that FIT4MOM has to offer women at any stage in motherhood.


Events Manager

Hello, I'm Vanessa and thrilled to be a part of the FIT4MOM team as the Events Manager. Most days you will find me on a run with my two kids, Nova & Odin, riding bikes with the kids around town, sweating it out at stroller strides, or searching out the best coffee shops for a iced chai tea.

My background in event management from my BA in Communications with a focus in advertising & marketing. I've been lucky to have worked in the sports related industry for a handful of past jobs, Red Bull, Seafair Summer Festival, and AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am to name a few! Having over 10+ years of experience in event management, sales, and marketing has given me the skills to be producing events for FIT4MOM.

The community that FIT4MOM encompasses is so inspiring. I remember those first few classes after having both my kids. I felt so encouraged and supported by all the instructors and moms, at a time where I really needed it! I strive to be an inspiration to other moms who are starting out on their new parenthood journey and to producing amazing events for this great community!

If you are interested in connecting about an upcoming event or sponsorship please feel free to contact me at scevents@fit4mom.com


Instructor: Body Back, Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby

Hi, I'm Aimee and mom to Damien! I was born and raised in Santa Clara and moved to Capitola 2 years ago, having spent the 9 years prior to that in San Francisco. Before becoming a mom and moving to this area, I was a Training Manager for a luxury retail company and have a background in retail and sales.

My FIT4MOM Santa Cruz journey started in August of 2015 when I attended my first Stroller Strides class and fell in love with it! I really enjoyed (and still do!) that I am able to take care of myself while still being able to care for my little guy, and we both have fun at the same time! It has been a win/win for both of us, as I get to interact with other women who are in the same stage of their life as I am, and my son gets to interact with children both younger and older. I also am a loyal participant of Body Back as of January 2016, and am feeling the most fit I have probably been for my whole adulthood. The support, friendship, and camaraderie found in Stroller Strides and Body Back have been the best and most treasured part and now being fit enough to run after and hold my energetic and growing toddler has also been a great result of attending class!

When the opportunity to instruct came knocking on my door, there was no way I could turn it down; and I hope to provide to other moms all the amazing things that Fit4Mom has brought to my life and my family's. I love meeting new people, especially moms and kids, and look forward to helping you on your journey, too!"
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